sábado, febrero 13, 2010

LikE an ANT

It’s been a long time since I don’t write here. But the lazyness of summer, the peace of the sea, and the company of your beloved ones, makes return to these places. As you can see, this post was written in English. It's a caprice, nothing else.
I would like to catch the attention about one subject: the relations between people. We constantly live our lives like ants, marching in a row without seeing each other, without care for each other. Little by little we turn into strangers.

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fernanda (o daniela) dijo...

Es lo que somos no más. No muy distintos de hormigas, tan asquerosos como las hormigas. Nada nos hace distintos. Un poco pesimista mi comentario, debe ser por los ánimos... pero es un momento de aquellos...

pero sin duda, deja para cuestionarse un millón de cosas, sin la necesidad de ser un gran pensador.