martes, enero 30, 2007

Nada que ver el video para la música que anduve escuchando hoy (Muddy Waters & Robert Johnson). Lo subi por capricho.

This is the last sad video in this blog, i swear. The band: Franz Ferdinand, the song:Auf Achse (Auf Achse" literally means "on the axle" in German, a common metaphor for "on the road" and also the title of a 1980´s TV series about truckers).
Anyway, this is a song about a unrequited love though we can find some references to the Jesus's crucifixion, but not in the religious way. The crucifiction reference, to me is a metaphor, Christ suffered for the sins of others, hence the charachter's suffering is brought on by the "sins", (negative actions) of another, in this case the girl.
Like the singer Alex said: " This song is about being on the lonley open road with nothing but you broken heart to keep you company ". And if you don´t like this shit or laugh about it you can go fuck yourself hijos(as) de la gran bitch...ajajajaja

"...You see her, you can't touch her
You hear her, you can't hold her
You want her, you can't have her
You want to, but she won't let you..."

She's not so special so look what you've done, boy...

Now you wish she'd never come back here again Oh, never come back here again..

(here comes the Jesus´s references crucifixion)

"...Now I'm nailed above you
Gushing from my side
It's with your sins that you have killed me
Thinking of your sins
I dieThinking how you'd let them touch you
How you'd never realise
That I'm ripped and hang forsaken
Knowing never will
I riseAgain..."

3 sindicalistas furiosos:

tom-aaaaaaaaaasss dijo...

piola el tema wn...
aunke he escuchado mejores weas de ellos.

andres dijo...

buen tema wn, me gusto la letra es cmo uta wn...super sufrida, en fin buen tema

Anónimo dijo...

Hola ola carlitox, cmo estai...
sai q mi ingles es malisimo, pero algo entendi, me gusto el tema....